Christopher Biggins took a break from name-dropping to grab all seven stars in last night's Bushtucker Trial on I'm a celebrity…

The actor showed not a hint of arachnophobia to win seven meals for his camp mates in the Web Sight trial, despite the presence of scores of spiders.

Presenter Ant Mcpartlin had told Biggins beforehand that though the challenge was called Web Sight, it did not involve checking emails.

"This is a spider chamber," he explained. "You're going to be lowered into the spider chamber where you will search for your stars. The stars are in funnels you've got to put your arm in and grab the stars."

He added: "The stars aren't on their own, there's spiders in there with them and you've got to be careful because once you break the membrane of the funnels and reach for your stars the spiders will be able to come out of the funnels and join you in the chamber."

When Declan Donnelly told Biggins he could pull out, the actor fired back: "Listen you're talking to the new man - the new Biggins."

And though Biggins' admission that he was "not that butch" was proved right when he emitted several screams during the trial, he successfully grabbed stars from all seven of the chambers.

And while Biggins skipped back to the camp, interior designer Anna Ryder Richardson and Cerys Matthews discussed the Catatonia singer's dramatic relationship with former EastEnder Marc Bannerman.

Marc was evicted from the camp, but wrote to Cerys pledging to wait for her if she so wished.

And while sunbathing with Anna, she sheepishly Cerys admitted: "When I did this I didn't expect it to turn out the way it has. I didn't think that you could get so intense in such a short small amount of time with anybody."

26/11/2007 00:01:01