Christopher Biggins says Barbara Windsor is feeling ''pretty low'' following the revelations about her Alzheimer's Disease.

The 69-year-old actor is a good friend of the 'Carry On' actress, who was recently revealed to be suffering with the disease, and Biggins has admitted the situation has already taken its toll on Barbara, who opened up to him about her heartbreak during a phone conversation over the weekend.

He shared: ''I spoke to her on Saturday and she was pretty low. She doesn't quite understand what's going on and it's terrible ... It's absolutely tragic.

''It's one of those things that sadly, there's no cure for it and it's going to get worse and worse.

''Everyday is a challenge. Everyday when she wakes up she's not quite sure where she is or what she's doing or where she's going to be, that's the problem.''

Biggins also admitted it's been ''quite grim'' to watch the way Barbara, 80, has deteriorated since she was first diagnosed with the disease.

He revealed, too, that he's received lots of phone calls from people who are keen to help the British icon.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror newspaper, Biggins explained: ''I've had a lot of people ring me saying 'I've just been at a convention in Rome, I met the Pope and there are things that can help'. I don't know.

''Someone else suggested we use coconut oil ... I just don't know.''

Meanwhile, Scott Mitchell, Barbara's husband, recently revealed she has been moved to tears by the support she's received since it was revealed she's suffering from Alzheimer's Disease.

Jane Moore, who conducted the interview with Scott for The Sun newspaper, said: ''[Scott] said with all the responses, letters and tweets, every time he shows them to her, she just gets so thrilled, she just keeps saying, 'I'm helping people.'''