Christopher Bailey "admires" Burberry and "everything it stands for".

The designer was made creative director of the British fashion house in 2001 and says he's extremely proud of the work he's done as it's such a great label to work for.

He said: "It's not about me or any one person, it's about Burberry. I admire this company and everything it stands for. When I arrived I said it was a beautiful Jewel that needed polishing and over the last few years we have done that and believe there is even more to come.

"It's a brand with the most incredible heritage and history of over 155 years and yet at the same time it's incredibly modern and in touch with what's going on today. That's our job - to keep it relevant and exciting so that it remains that way for years to come."

Christopher is excited about the future with Burberry as they have a lot planned.

He told Stylist magazine: "There is so much we want to explore. Our heritage and the magnificent icons of our brand open up a wealth of inspiration. For us it's a natural way of thinking to always see how we can express and articulate the Burberry brand in a more innovative way and digital is very much at the forefront of the way we communicate because it's such an exciting way to engage people."