Christopher Bailey was inspired to get into fashion by a ''terrible'' shopping incident.

Burberry's chief creative officer felt so intimidated when he was tasked with buying a high-end watch as a student that he decided the industry should be all-inclusive, a concept he then applied to his rebranding of the fashion house.

He told the Financial Times: ''When I was a student in London, my father wanted to buy my mother a watch from a luxury brand. This was a really big thing in my family, because we didn't buy a lot of luxury objects.

''So he sent me the money and asked me to get it. That should have been a really beautiful experience going in, choosing this special present... but it wasn't. It was terrible. It was so intimidating, and I was made to feel so inferior, probably because of my clothes and my very strong Yorkshire accent, and that ended up defining a lot of the way I think. Why should we be exclusive?''

Although he refused to name the brand in question, Christopher - who set up The Burberry Foundation in 2008 to help young people achieve their goals - says people should be more open-minded and banish their snobbish attitudes in order to embrace different kinds of customers.

He added: ''You never know, anyway. These days a kid in a hoodie walks into a store and, for all you know, he's a billionaire.''