Christopher Bailey claims Donna Karan got naked when they first met.

The Burberry designer is a good friend of Donna's and says when they were first introduced, she instantly took her clothes off and bared everything to him, which won him over straight away.

He said: ''When I was at the Royal College of Art I met this incredible person: Donna Karan. She completely seduced me with the way she sees the world. She stripped naked within about three minutes of meeting, and tried on all my things. That was one of my first big wake up calls to how nutty - and how brilliant - this industry is.''

As part of his speech made at the 2012 CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund award ceremony in New York last night (13.11.12), Christopher also spoke about their time working together.

He revealed: ''We would be working very, very late. At three am there would be a masseur coming around to give you a massage - that's weird. Then at four am, we'd all sit in a little circle and we'd chat over the fabrics - that was weird to me too. And then at five o'clock Demi Moore would come in for a fitting.''