Christopher Bailey has named Haizhen Wang the 2012 Fashion Fringe prize winner.

The Burberry Chief Creative Officer chose the womenswear fashion designer from three finalists, who showed off their creations at London's Somerset House last night (18.09.12), because he felt Haizhen has an ''effortless'' talent for constructing clothes.

He told ''I was looking for a real rounded talent with vision that he or she knew how to execute.

''I wanted to see an understanding of how to cut and sew; how to construct clothes; and how to create a business. Having a strong point of view was important too.

''With Haizhen, he has a talent that hopefully the industry will relate to. It's effortless and in his blood. When you first see his work, it appears to be very graphic and bold, but it's constructed in a very sensual way. Is he like me at all? God, I hope for his sake no.''

Haizhen - who set up his own self-titled label in 2010 after working for MaxMara and All Saints - has been awarded studio space at Somerset House for the next four seasons complete with mentoring whenever he requires, and he was ''so surprised'' at winning the prize.

Haizhen said: ''Before the show, Christopher sent all three of us a big bunch of flowers with a hand-written note from him wishing us luck.

''It made my day. Then this happened. I'm just so surprised. This is really is the best day.''

As well as mentoring the three finalists prior to the prize giving, Christopher allowed them to visit Burberry's headquarters in London.

He added: ''They came to see me at Burberry several times so that they could get a 360 view of the place. Then I visited individual studios to see if I could help.

''I just wanted to be there when they needed help.''