Christopher Bailey has been hailed a ''genius'' by fellow designers.

The 46-year-old creative mastermind announced his departure from Burberry earlier this month after 17 years at the helm of the fashion house, and the star has certainly made his mark on the British brand as he has been credited for creating a ''young, desirable and cool'' label by other moguls.

Speaking about the businessman - who will remain as President and Chief Creative Officer at Burberry until March next year - designer Alex Eagle told BBC News: ''[Christopher's takeover was] the pivotal moment when the perception of the brand needed to change.

''The print had been too overexposed and that image shows it became synonymous with ostentatious luxury.

''I think he's a genius - he's created our best British global brand, it's young, desirable and cool.

''Burberry previously was synonymous with bad taste, now it has an identity which feels very British and can be sold around the world.

''His shows have been Britain's most slick, luxurious and global.''

Christopher has been praised for his ready-to-wear line, which encouraged people to purchase his creations straight from the runway and not be a ''copycat''.

Alex added: ''He created catwalk to consumer and the ability to buy now.

''He avoided high street copies because he would exhibit his show and those items would be able to be bought in store there and then, rather than being in the store six months later. He was trying to be ahead of the copycat.''

Although Christopher still has a few months left working with the prestigious company, Alex believes he will be a ''very hard act to follow''.

She said: ''He's made something that feels English and London by nailing that look of tailoring.

''Bailey's now celebrating the check in the chic way, he's put touches of it in the Macintoshes and knitwear, whilst scarves feel preppy and quaint.

''He's going to be a very hard act to follow.''