Christophe Willem Announces London Bush Hall Show Nov 28th 2012

Christophe Willem Announces London Bush Hall Show Nov 28th 2012

The release of a new Christophe Willem album isalways a special event. Gifted with a powerful and distinctive timbre he slips from one genre to another with deceptive ease. WILLEM has two rules :taking risks and enjoying himself - and that enjoyment is widely shared by the public (2 million records, 4 NRJ Music Awards, 1 Victoire de la Musique award from the public) purely in the french speaking countries so far.

First album "Inventaire" released in 2008 sold over 900.000 units in France alone (DIAMOND)! Belgium & Switzerland PLATINUM!

This new album called "Prismophonic" ( a prism of music) was produced by Steve Anderson and the french version already reached Platinum in France and was released end of 2011 - since then constantly in the charts after 3 singles, a first sold out tour in May-July and a 2nd upcoming part in Nov/Dec 2012. On the english version of the album Karen Poole wrote a lot of the lyrics ( who worked with Kylie Minogue and Lilly Allen among others)Christophe worked with the Freemasons and the record was mixed by Jeremy Wheatley (Robbie williams, Pet Shop boys, etc..)."Love Shot Me Down"" is WILLEMs first full english album. The real pop song"Heartbox" - written by Guy Chambers, on his former album showed already his ability to perform in english as well.

"Love Shot Me Down" opens with the track of the same title in a pop/trance style, has the glowing, disco-tinted "Starlight" . The record includes emotional ballads such as "Safe and Sound", a funky "Cool" , an electro "Automatic love" and another touch of trance on "Timeless" among others."LSMD" displays particularly sophisticated production values. The universal theme of love is still WILLEMs main source of inspiration. He simply wants to take people on a journey of different emotions : love, joy, nostalgia and melancholy.

It would be premature to talk about an album from a singer at the height of his powers. "I'm still a bit young," smiles Christophe (he was born in 1983). "My first album was all about self-discovery. On the second, I wanted to show myself what I could do. And now Prismophonic/Love Shot Me Down both connects and summarises the past of Inventaire and the continuity of Caféine. It represents what I am today." Tomorrow will have to wait, though: Christophe is anything but predictable!

The english album will be released in France before X-Mas 2013. Christophe will play his first show ever in London on the 28th of November at Bush Hall.