Chrissy Teigen would ''miss cheese'' too much to go vegan.

The 33-year-old model admitted to her 11.3 million followers that one of the things stopping her taking up the meat and dairy-free diet is her penchant for a slice of cheese and she admitted she hasn't found a vegan alternative good enough to give up the creamy treat.

Asking her fans what they would miss, she tweeted: ''if you were to go vegan, what would you miss the most? I think I'd miss cheese. they've got awesome meat alternatives but the vegan cheese game is quite weak, still. (sic)''

Chrissy's husband John Legend recently revealed they don't like to cook together.

The couple - who have children Luna, three, and Miles, 13 months, together - both enjoy making meals but prefer not to get into the kitchen at the same time because they have different culinary styles.

John, 40, said: ''We don't really cook together. I cook for her; she cooks for me.

''She's a bit more creative in the kitchen. I like to follow recipes, and I'm very good at executing them.

''I'll look them up online or literally in her book. I'm not really creative in the kitchen, but I love to cook.''

The 'All of Me' hitmaker is a big fan of a lot of the recipes that feature in Chrissy's 'Cravings' cookbooks.

He said: ''I love the French onion soup in her new book. It's incredible. She also does a really good braised short rib.''

When the singer gets in the kitchen, his spouse always has one particular request.

John explained: ''I like to make macaroni and cheese. She loves my mac and cheese -- the garlic is really important.''

The 'Lip Sync Battle' star has previously admitted all their friends and family prefer John's mac and cheese - but she thinks that's just because he is the cook, rather than it actually tasting better than her take on the classic dish.

She said: ''Something fun about the book is we'll have his take and then we'll have my take.

''For example, everybody in his family and all of our friends love his mac and cheese, but I think they only love it because 'John Legend is cooking it,' like, 'Oh my God! This is amazing!'''