Chrissy Teigen is using an Instagram tool to block negative comments.

The 30-year-old model is known for her witty presence on social media and has now gone to extreme lengths to make sure she doesn't see people calling her names on the photo-sharing app by selecting keywords such as ''c***'', ''whore'' and ''slut'' to be filtered out.

Alongside a picture of her screen showing the words she had typed, she wrote: ''thank you, @instagram (sic)''

Chrissy - who has four-month-old daughter Luna with husband John Legend - also said that she found it difficult listing off words that she has never been labeled before and said it felt like ''therapy''.

She added: ''I'm actually having a hard time filling this filter thing out. It's like a therapy exercise, typing everything u have never been called lol (sic)''

It comes after the brunette beauty highlighted how the top five finalists for the Miss Teen USA pageant were not ''diverse''.

She wrote: ''Wow how can we choose from such a diverse bunch (sic)''

Chrissy was branded racist among other things by her followers and she responded by saying hoped she did make anyone believe she cares about beauty parades.

She later posted: ''I'll take the ignorance but hands down the worst part of this entire thing is the fact I gave anyone the misconception I care about pageants (sic)''

Meanwhile, the Sports Illustrated model recently admitted she is jealous of her 2.13 million followers because she wishes she could follower herself.

She wrote: ''I am the best follow I know. I am jealous I'm not me and can't feel what it's like to follow me.

''I mean I'm jealous I'm not you

''I am me (sic)''