Chrissy Teigen wishes she could follow herself on Twitter.

The 'Lip Sync Battle' star is known for her witty presence on social media and she has admitted she is envious of her 2.13 million followers because she'll never know what it's like to read her 144-character thoughts for the first time.

She posted: ''I am the best follow I know. I am jealous I'm not me and can't feel what it's like to follow me.

''I mean I'm jealous I'm not you

''I am me (sic)''

The 30-year-old model - who has three-month-old daughter Luna with husband John Legend - also suggested she's having a bit of an identity crisis as she can't decide whether she wants to hang out with ''cool people'' or stay at home and eat comfort food.

She wrote: ''I'm at the age where I want to eat beef stew but then still go ''be around cool people'' after (sic)''.

Though Chrissy enjoyed tucking into her meaty meal, she regretted it afterwards.

She posted: ''Update I am not feeling great after the stew (sic)''

But it may not just have been the stew that led her to feeling ill.

Asked what wine she was drinking, she replied: ''Tequila!''

And then asked how many drinks she'd had, she admitted: ''All of them''.

And Chrissy has vowed to overhaul her eating habits and curb her cravings for carbs in a bid to shed the last of her baby weight.

She vowed: ''Ok time to stop eating pasta twice a day and simultaneously wondering why these last few won't come off (sic)''

But she thinks that will make her diet much less pleasurable.

One follower asked her: ''but what can we eat that's not pasta but still as good as pasta?(sic)''

She replied: ''Literally nothing (sic)''