Chrissy Teigen says her body ''will never be the same'' after giving birth to her 10-month-old daughter, Luna.

The 31-year-old model, who is married to singer John Legend, insists her trim figure has ''changed a lot'' and her ''bones feel a bit weaker'' now, but she still feels ''comfortable'' in her own skin.

The brunette beauty said: ''I'm comfortable with my body, but I know that it will never be the same. Luna has changed a lot about my body. My bones feel a bit weaker, my back, my everything. But I'm okay with it. I have this little face to look at all the time. Whatever happened to my body, it's completely worth it.''

Chrissy took a step back from modelling during her pregnancy as she wanted to enjoy the experience and embrace her growing baby bump.

Speaking to PEOPLE magazine, she explained: ''When I was pregnant, I stepped away from any modelling. I didn't want to be like, 'Oh my God, I have a Victoria's Secret show coming up.' I needed to take that out of the picture and focus on being pregnant, having a healthy baby, and being a mom. That was my priority, not how I looked.''

The 'Lip Sync Battle' host also refused to let the pressure to lose weight get to her after Luna was born in March 2016.

She explained: ''I had something much more important going on than how my body looked.

''I wanted to get back to being active and healthy again, but I wasn't going to obsess about it. I worked out, I took care of myself, but I didn't obsess about it.''