Chrissy Teigen's daughter gets ''jealous'' when she kisses John Legend.

The 'Lip Sync Battle' star admitted it can be ''scary'' to see 21-month-old Luna glaring at her parents when they show affection for one another because the tot is so ''protective'' of her famous father.

Chrissy - who is pregnant with the couple's second child - said: ''It's hard though, because she's definitely jealous of John and I.

''She's so protective of John and when we kiss, she, like, looks [up] from no matter where she is.

''You see her little dark eyes somewhere. It's a little scary.''

Luna is ''so excited'' about becoming a big sister in the next few months and has been practising her baby care skills with her doll.

Chrissy told 'Entertainment Tonight': ''She is so excited. Actually, she's got her little baby doll now that she's been really taking care of.''

Though the 32-year-old model can't wait to expand her family, she's ''nervous'' about juggling the needs of two children, but hopes she's able to strike a balance as she'd like to add to her brood even further in the future.

She said: ''I think the balance is hard. I mean, you want to be able to give one so much attention and shower them with love and affection, but then you have a little baby too, and that'll be rough to balance.

''I'm excited to figure it out, because, hopefully, we won't stop at two, and we'll be on our way to Todville.''

Meanwhile, John, 39, recently admitted he can already see signs of little Luna following in his musical footsteps.

He said: ''She's interested, for sure. She likes to piano with me and play. You know, who knows what that will develop into.''