Chrissy Teigen ''peed'' herself when she got home to find her toilet missing.

The 'Lip Sync Battle' star - who is expecting her second child with husband John Legend - was desperate to relieve herself last week, but when she rushed to the bathroom, she discovered the loo had been taken out and not replaced, and she has now admitted she suffered an accident because she was so in need.

She said: ''I peed all over myself! Of course this would happen to me. I peed!''

But it seems having to wait for a new toilet to be installed was worth it as their new lavatory has some fancy features.

Speaking on the red carpet at the Grammy Awards on Sunday (28.01.18), John explained to E! News' Ryan Seacrest: ''We were having a transition from a regular toilet to a Japanese toilet that washes your butt and opens itself.

''The contractor came in and removed the first toilet but didn't replace it immediately. We had to wait another day until the next toilet got installed.''

Meanwhile, the 'All of Me' hitmaker joked he was making up for the fact Chrissy's pregnancy was stopping her having alcohol during the evening.

He quipped: ''I had one whiskey shot on the way just to get us loose. I'm drinking for two.''

And Chrissy - who has 21-month-old daughter Luna with her spouse - thinks she's less entertaining at the moment.

She said: ''[There's] much less [drinking going on]! Am I not funny this year?''

The 32-year-old model revealed on Twitter last week that her toilet was missing.

She said: ''I got home today and ran to go peepee and you know when you're so close to the bathroom so you kind of release because you know you're about to pee, well I did that and my toilet was gone.''