The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit beauty gave birth to her first child, daughter Luna, in April (16), and days later, she stunned fans online by sharing a photo of her slender self back in her denim cut-off shorts.

John Legend's wife has never been afraid to show off some skin, and while the leggy star has continued to impress with her ability to bounce back from her pregnancy body, the 30-year-old confesses she's not quite ready to put her curves back on display in a teeny bikini just yet.

"Every shoot I have right now, I request like, 'All one-pieces please or anything high-waisted'," she tells "I'm still definitely not comfortable. I think I'm fine in clothes. But am I comfortable naked or in a bikini? Not exactly yet."

To combat her current clothing insecurities, she has learned to "just try to wear things that make me feel a little more confident," she explains, admitting she has filled her closets with tailored pants, silk dresses, and pencil skirts.

Chrissy's beauty routine has also changed since becoming a mum, because she barely has time for herself.

"I've always liked to appear like everything is a little more effortless than it is," she says. "But I definitely just don't have the time, obviously... It's so hard. There's no time. It's like cooking now. I love cooking, I love showering... but there's no time."

The model and TV personality has even had to ditch plans to relax with little Luna in a bubble bath.

"I bought a ton by Mr. Bubble (bath product brand) thinking that Luna could use it right now, but no, she can't apparently, because her skin's too sensitive so I just use it," she laments.

And while Chrissy is doing her best to juggle motherhood with her career, she admits there's one thing she would have done differently before becoming a first-time mum.

"Take a class or two," she smiles as she offers up advice to other parents-to-be. "I didn't and I kinda wish I did sometimes. But it makes everything fun and exciting because, man, kids they keep you on your toes. Just know that once you think everything is going perfectly and nothing is wrong, they're going to flip it on you. And you have to be really ready to just adjust and laugh at it."

She adds, "Make sure that you have such a strong bond with your partner, too, because there are days you're gonna look over at him - or her - and be like, 'Ugh.' You gotta have that strong bond so you can bounce back from it."

Chrissy and John wed in 2013.