Chrissy Teigen ''loves listening to other people's children cry.''

The 32-year-old model is currently sat on a long-haul flight with her two-month-old son Miles and her two-year-old daughter Luna - whom she has with her husband John Legend - and she has joked that there's nothing she enjoys more than watching her two sound asleep while other people's kids are screaming the plane down.

Taking to her Twitter account on Sunday (22.07.18) night, Chrissy wrote: ''Have survived first 15 hour flight with 2 year old and newborn. One more leg to go

''I truly love hearing other kids cry now because it means it's not my own. That's a better feeling than silence, honestly (sic).''

Chrissy has been very open about her motherhood journey over the past two years and recently admitted that breast feeding has been a struggle for her - so much so that she had a meltdown when she accidentally spilt a bottle she had pumped.

Taking to her Twitter account, the blonde beauty uploaded a video of her syringing the spilt milk off her table while her friend attempted to spoon it into one pile.

She said with a laugh as she tipped a drizzle into the bottle: ''I spilled my breast milk and this is how important it is in this household. We're trying! I got some.''

She captioned the clip: ''I am so jealous of people with plentiful boobies.''

A fan then suggested that she looks into a milk bank as a ''back-up'', to which Chrissy replied: ''whoa is this real? I know milk banks and doner milk exists but this looks so...professional!,'' before adding: ''I CANNOT believe I wrote ''doner'' - I want to die. why would my phone betray me like this. anyhow, this is incredible. (sic)''

Chrissy also admitted that she uses formula milk to make sure Miles gets enough.

She wrote: ''I use plenty of formula, also unapologetically! We all do the best we can!''