Chrissy Teigen is desperate to tell people the gender of her baby.

The 32-year-old model is expecting her second child with husband John Legend and though she'd love to tell the world whether they're having a brother or sister for their 21-month-old daughter Luna, the 'All of Me' hitmaker has asked her to keep the news private for now.

She told 'Entertainment Tonight': ''I know I share everything that I want to say it so badly, too.

''John's like, 'No, let's have something for us.

''I'll tell you later. Maybe I'll just randomly say it on 'Live [With Kelly and Ryan]' tomorrow.''

The 'Lip Sync Battle' star is enjoying her pregnancy and finds she has a lot ''more energy'' when she's expecting.

She said: ''I was pregnant a couple seasons ago, too, and if anything, I'm like, 'Oh, my gosh! Are people even going to want to watch me dance around with this baby inside me?' But, yeah, apparently they do. So, it's fun.

''But, actually, it's nice. I have more energy pregnant then I do [when I'm] not pregnant.''

Chrissy loves working on 'Lip Sync Battle' and has seen a number of epic moments over the years, admitting one of her ''most dramatic days'' ever came when Jennifer Lopez made a surprise appearing during Anna Kendrick's performance.

She said: ''I will say it was one of the most dramatic days I have ever had.

''Well, no, it was the most dramatic day I've ever seen on 'Lip Sync Battle'. It was cool.''

And the brunette beauty hailed Beyonce's guest appearance during Channing Tatum's performance of 'Run the World' as ''magical''.

She said: ''It happened so quickly. She just flew right through and it was exactly how I expected to see Beyonce on stage.

''It was like a magical appearance and then just like that, our little angel just appeared and then she was gone. It was amazing.''