Chrissy Teigen hates being known as a model.

The 32-year-old beauty - who has starred in various Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue editions - has revealed she never refers to herself as a model and has even lied to people about what she actually does for a living because she finds it awkward to acknowledge.

Asked whether it bothers her that people still refer to her as a model, Chrissy confessed: ''Yeah! I don't know why it does, because there's nothing wrong with it. It's so weird. I just feel like, it's the last thing I do or I don't really feel like I do it at all anymore.

''I've never been offended by it. If anything, I was just always weirded out to say it. I remember being on an airplane and this man next to me was like, 'What do you do for a living?' And I was like, 'Uhhhh,' and I just made something up because I've never been able to physically say it, even when I was one, so I don't know.

''There's something about it that never vibed well with me because I never felt like I was one. I was always doing something else that I thought was equally cool.''

Chrissy - who has two-year-old daughter Luna and two-month-old son Miles with husband John Legend - admitted she's still learning about herself.

She also revealed she doesn't want to feel confined by her job title.

The American star told Bustle magazine: ''I still don't have an answer now.

''Honestly, I swear, I really don't. I never thought I would be the slash person - a host slash this slash this. So, yeah, I still don't know and I feel like I'm still learning that about myself and what I want to do, but I think we're in this time now where people really have so many different titles and you don't have to be held down to one thing.

''I'm proud of [having multiple jobs] whereas before I would've felt like, 'Oh, this makes me feel like I have no job.' Now I'm more proud of it.''