Chrissy Teigen is devastated she's found some new stretch marks on her hips after giving birth to her son Miles two weeks ago.

The 32-year-old model welcomed her second child into the world with her husband John Legend earlier this month and, although she slathered her skin in moisturising products throughout her pregnancy, she's distraught that she's been left with tiny red lines over her flesh.

Taking to her Instagram account, the brunette star uploaded a close-up video of her new mark and accompanied it with a crying emoji.

She screeched in the background of the clip: ''Noooo ... I thought I did such a good job with my creams.''

It seems Chrissy has had a change of heart this time around as just after she gave birth to her daughter Luna two years ago, she proudly flaunted her extra lines and said she really liked the pattern of them.

Chrissy decided to share a close-up photo of her stretch marks on her inner thighs on Twitter at the time after having a few glasses of wine.

Alongside the honest picture, she wrote: ''Whatevs (sic)''

After receiving positive comments from her 3.4 million followers, the busty brunette added: ''I do not post stretchies for the praise. I post it because the wine also I like the pattern and they're so soft (sic)''

The model had also liked the way her body had changed after pregnancy because she always felt like a ''tomboy'' before.

She explained: ''I always felt like a bit of a tomboy, and I never looked at my body as particularly sexual - I wasn't a curvy girl. But to be able to see my body after [I had Luna], and of course you get, like, hips. Finally, for the first time, I feel like I have a bit more of a womanly figure ... I think you just feel really feminine.''