Chrissy Teigen went to the Grammy Awards with green fingers.

The 'Lip Sync Battle' host was left in a panic after dying her digits when she tucked into some Fun Dip candy using her hands, instead of the accompanying sticks.

She revealed on Twitter on Saturday (11.02.17): ''I ate fun dip with my fingers last night and I'm stained and Grammys are tomorrow. I've tried everything please help (sic)''

Chrissy got most of the staining off in time, but still had a mild discolouration and she showed them off as she explained the incident on the red carpet at the event.

She said: ''I had a Fun Dip incident and I ate them with my fingers. I know you're supposed to use the stick, but I used the stick as an appetizer.''

The brunette beauty's husband, singer John Legend, found his wife's eating habits hilarious.

He quipped to presenter Ryan Seacrest: ''She uh...eats like a toddler.''

Despite her mishap, Chrissy - who has 10-month-old daughter Luna with John - had a great time at the event.

She tweeted: ''Beyonce killed me Adele gave me life I'm confused (sic)''

And the 31-year-old beauty shared some hilarious Snapchat posts at the end of the night, in which she dined on ramen noodles and had to enlist her husband to help her take off her jewellery.

She retweeted one fan who wrote: ''John taking off Chrissy's jewelry as she's drunk on the floor on snap rn is the best thing ever (sic)''

She added: ''Thank u I agree (sic)''

And she also shared another fan's post which read: ''John helping a drunk @chrissyteigen take off her jewellery is my new favourite thing. Goals (sic)''