Chrissy Teigen doesn't like leaving the house.

The Sports Illustrated model may not be able to hold her tongue when she's on social media, but she's adamant she's not as ''wild'' as she comes across as she'd much prefer to stay at home and experiment with food with her two children Luna and Miles, whom she has with her husband John Legend, for her cook books.

Speaking to Net-A-Porter's digital magazine, Porter Edit, she said: ''People think I am so wild, but I never leave the house.

''I'm very much an introvert. This is my happy place.''

The 33-year-old presenter's plush mansion became her safe haven after the birth of her daughter Luna, now three, as she was crippled with postnatal depression.

Her mood dropped so low that she lost her appetite, didn't have the energy to walk upstairs - resulting in her sleeping on the sofa - and had random aches and pains.

She explained: ''I was prescribed Lexapro [an antidepressant] when I was a teenager, and then I just quit cold turkey, not thinking it was a real thing. I thought everyone had problems like mine, like it was part of life.

''I felt bad [about having postpartum depression] because we had so many resources. John was great and helpful. My mom was here... I was embarrassed.''

When she fell pregnant with her son Miles, now 12 months old, Chrissy made sure she was prepared for her mood to drop by having her medication ready.

She said: ''Yes, totally, and it's because I'm obviously medicated.''

The 33-year-old beauty may like to keep herself to herself in public but she isn't afraid to stand up for herself and her family online.

She said: ''Everything 'big' I've ever said was just heat of the moment and sometimes very regrettable. I just pop off too quick. Honestly, it's good to learn that's not necessarily the way to go every time.''

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