Chrissy Teigen and John Legend spent eight hours on a flight from LAX to Tokyo which had to be turned around.

The Sports Illustrated model - who is pregnant with the couple's second child - has been live-tweeting the disaster journey on her Twitter account for most of Wednesday (27.12.17).

Chrissy - who already has baby girl Luna with the 'All of Me' singer, who it is not known was on the plane with her parents or not - claimed the reason for the All Nippon Airways (ANA) aircraft heading back to Los Angeles was because of a passenger who boarded the wrong flight.

Her first tweet read: ''a flying first for me: 4 hours into an 11 hour flight and we are turning around because we have a passenger who isn't supposed to be on this plane. Why ... why do we all gotta go back, I do not know (sic)''

According to several reports, flight 175 landed back at LAX at approximately 7.30pm.

Police officer Adonis Cutchlow of the LAPD did not explain why the plane had to be sent back, but simply said: ''All we know is that it was turned around.''

The 32-year-old beauty claimed the person did not have the right boarding pass to be on the plane, and demanded to know more from the police after she said she witnessed fellow passengers being questioned over the ''mystery person''.

She wrote: ''They keep saying the person had a United ticket. We are on ANA. So basically the boarding pass scanner is just a beedoop machine that makes beedoop noises that register to nowhere ... Police were interviewing all the people seated around the mystery person once we got off the plane. Why would they do this! I MUST KNOW MORE ... (sic)''

Chrissy and her husband were then moved to a room where she was able to relax and watch TV, but she joked that authorities likely put them her there so she wouldn't ''blow'' the operation.

She quipped: ''I have been moved to a room with Bravo. Clearly the authorities are trying to keep me quiet so I don't BLOW THE LID OFF THIS ''SITCH'' (sic)''

After being made comfortable and eating some Ramen noodles, the couple were able to board a new plane to Tokyo.

And the brunette beauty said she was feeling ''forgiving'', but had she been drinking, it could have gone very differently.

Chrissy wrote: ''Getting on another flight now oh bless ... Drinking Chrissy would be very mad. Sober Chrissy is forgiving and patient (sic)''