Chrissy Teigen was scammed at the start of her modelling career.

The 32-year-old beauty - who is married to chart-topping musician John Legend - has revealed she was tricked into paying $4,000 a month to rent a tiny Miami apartment at the beginning of her career.

She shared: ''I remember living in Miami in this apartment with five other young models, and it was two bedroom and we were each paying like $4,000 a piece.

''Looking back it doesn't make any sense, but for me it was so cool that an agency wanted to move me to Miami.''

Chrissy - who has a 19-month-old daughter called Luna and is currently pregnant with her second child - admitted she didn't question the scam because her new lifestyle ''felt glamorous, and it felt cool''.

She told Revolve: ''I didn't realise how many people pull fast ones on you and I would have definitely gotten a business manager a lot earlier as a young person.

''When I started out in the modelling world I was bouncing around from agency to agency. I thought it was cool that agents wanted me and that I could get work.''

Chrissy now admits that her determination to make it in the modelling industry came at a price.

She conceded: ''I think when you're young and excited to begin that world you don't really think that anyone has any negative intentions. You just get so excited, you'll do anything. You'll do all the favours.''