Christine Taylor likes to use organic beauty products and avoid ''red flag'' ingredients.

The 'Dodgeball' actress switched to all-natural products after her pregnancies with children Ella Olivia, 10, and six-year-old Quinlin Dempsey because she wanted to take better care of her body.

The 41-year-old star: ''For a period of time it was about what worked and what was good. And then with having kids came that turning point because I wasn't reading labels for myself.

''You just have to read one or two articles about some red flag [ingredient] and then start looking and you see that that [ingredient is] in everything. It was just a natural shift.''

Christine - who met husband Ben Stiller filming TV show 'Heat Vision and Jack' - is also rigorous about her daily beauty regime.

She explained to PEOPLE: ''I'm really diligent. I never miss the morning face wash or the night-time face wash.''

Even all-night partying at last week's Met Ball (08.05.12) with Ben,didn't deter the actress.

She commented: ''Oh yes. I was so tired, I just thought, 'Should I go to sleep because I'm getting up in three or four hours anyway?' I won't; I have to get [my makeup] off.''

Christine is the spokesperson for new skincare line Nourish by Sensible Organics.