Christine Bleakley isn't having the greatest of weeks, with news having leaked of her and fellow presenter Adrian Chiles departure from 'Daybreak' at the end of the year - information they'd been promised would be a kept a secret until nearer the time of their leaving. Now she's being asked about a possible wedding with long term boyfriend, footballer Frank Lampard, and has confessed she doesn't really know, despite the pair being engaged since July and in a relationship since November 2009.
Talking to Digital Spy UK, Bleakley admitted "We can't quite plan anything - it all depends on the summer and whether Frank is picked for Euros or not. You assume possibly yes if you're lucky enough, but it doesn't mean that he is. If that's the case that he is, the whole summer is eaten up!" The 31 year-old TV presenter also has the prospect of finding new work to think about, following the recent leaked announcement, but has done rather well for herself in securing a spot in reality celebrity contest 'Dancing On Ice UK' which will see her perform for up to three months depending on her success in the competition.
Though understandably unhappy at the decision to drop her from 'Daybreak' - not to mention the manner in which it was made public - the personality has at least been putting on a brave face, recently stepping out to promote a cycle to work scheme in London.