Christine Bleakley hasn't been sacked with immediate effect from Itv breakfast program 'Daybreak', which is just as well as otherwise her recent promotional appearance to encourage people to cycle to work would've looked a little foolish. Bleakley and 'Daybreak' co-presenter Adrian Chiles were furious to discover that news received about their impending departure from the show had been leaked to the public, with the 32 year-old taking to Twitter to say "Morning, what a lovely headline to wake up to. My sarcasm comes across in this tweet I hope"
Chiles was rather more forthcoming, raging to The Sunday People "I'm angry, upset and acutely -embarrassed. Myself and Christine were told we would be going in the New Year but we were assured we could go with our dignity intact. That's obviously not happened. We were enjoying the show and we thought things were going well. We didn't want to go." Continuing his diatribe, the TV presenter said "It was a bolt out of the blue and has come as a big blow to our careers that we've been dumped at this time. Dark forces have leaked it for their own ends and I am mightily unhappy about it."
Bleakley however was putting on a brave face as The Mirror reported her smiling away during the photocall for the London cycling plan in the city's Bethnal Green district; the scheme aims to fund places for 150 people to learn how to build bikes from scratch in a week-long course.