Christine Bleakley has vehemently denied claims that she and fiancee Frank Lampard have paid off other wedding couples to ensure they could snap up the wedding venue of their choice. In an interview with The Sun, Bleakley said "I'd never in a million years ask someone to move a wedding. Stuff like that makes you out to be a horrible person."
According to The Sun, Irish newspapers have printed claims that the Premiership footballer Lampard and his TV presenter partner, Bleakley, have paid one couple 100,000 pounds in return for switching their wedding date at County Antrin's Galgorm Manor hotel, near to the Bleakley family home. It has also been reported that Frank offered to pay off another couple's mortgage, to convince them to rearrange the plans they had made at Dromoland Castle Hotel, in County Clare. However, Christine has dismissed the claims as false, saying "One hotel even put out a story that I'd paid for an Italian restaurant to be opened in their venue because I wanted that food. I'd never get married there!"