Héloïse Letissier says she's ''a stalker that turned out well.''

The singer and artist, who performs under the pseudonym Christine And The Queens, understands why some overzealous fans follow her around, but admits fame ''feels like a circus.''

Speaking about her devoted fans, she said: ''They stalk me, but I stalk them as well, really. I don't think I am a pop star, I think I'm a stalker who turned out well, so when I meet them I have a strong sense of empathy.

''The thing about fame is that it emphasises you more. So the people that are big-headed always were big-headed; shy people feel even more confused. People run up and welcome you and are like, 'Ah, Christine!' and you are like, 'Me?' It feels like a circus.''

The 28-year-old star, who identifies as pansexual, meaning she is not limited in sexual choice with regard to biological sex, gender, or gender identity, enjoys playing with society's strict definitions of gender and is ''obsessed'' with the idea of becoming a boy ''for a week.''

The 'Chaleur Humaine' hitmaker added: ''But I don't know if I want to become a boy because I want to become a boy, or if it is because this society makes me feel that I am not a good woman.

''Gender is a scale we are using all the time to relate to people, so if you take away that framework, there are suddenly all these beautiful questions, like how should I behave? How should I make love? And everything is up for reinvention and to play with.

''There is a very narrow idea of being a girl and I realised it would be harder to get some of the things I wanted to have.''

Meanwhile, the outspoken French singer is concerned Marine Le Pen will be elected her country's new President in the upcoming election.

She told this week's issue of ES Magazine, released today (02.03.17): ''I think anything is possible now. Like a Trump election, that would be a real f***ing disaster.''