Christine And The Queens would ''love to use more'' foreign languages in her songs.

The 'Saint Claude' hitmaker is keen to put more Italian and Spanish in her music after Justin Bieber's successful release of 'Despacito'.

She said: ''I hope Justin Bieber is going to do a French song, so we can have a 100% French single in the UK. Let's go crazy ...

''I've been fiddling about with Italian and Spanish a bit myself. I'm just mastering two languages for now. But I'd love to use more. With every language comes a music, a way to sing, a way to describe the world. An English man thinks slightly differently than a French man.''

And the 28-year-old singer likes how pop music can help people ''discover things''.

She added: ''I like to think of my stage character as a Trojan horse. Pop is something that can make you think and discover things.''

And Héloïse Letissier made her return to the stage over the weekend - the first time in a number of months - and admits she thought her fans would have ''forgotten'' about her.

She told BBC Newsbeat: ''I was afraid [my fans] were going to forget me, but no they didn't.

''I missed it so much - the stage and the sweat and the muscles and the emotion. Even when I'm doing a studio album, I'm fantasising about the next tour.''

Meanwhile, the 'Tilted' hitmaker previously revealed her new music will be ''sweaty and tougher''.

Asked if her new album would be the same kind of music as her 2014 offering 'Chaleur humaine', she said: ''I can't really tell much because then that would spoil the fun - but it will definitely be more sweaty and tougher.

''Maybe more high-tempo, but still really sad because I'm just me and I'm just sad deep down, but I'll properly be able to dance on it all the time.''