THE ADDAMS FAMILY star Christina Ricci would love to quit America following President George W Bush's recent re-election, but her passion for US TV shows is keeping her rooted.

The 25-year-old actress was one of a number of celebrities who had hoped Bush would have been defeated by Senator John Kerry in November's (04) presidential election.

And Ricci admits she could never leave her native US in protest of Bush's appointment because she'd be lost without her shows.

She says, "The only reason I don't want to move out of the country now that George Bush was re-elected is because I would miss American television too much - it's too big a part of my life. I don't like to go anywhere. I just want to go home and watch TV.

"I like all the LAW + ORDERs. I like the CSI's, the SVU's, COLD CASE FILES, CRIMINAL JUSTICE, CITY CONFIDENTIAL. I also love The Apprentice.

"I really like reality television. I know it's horrible and it's ruining TV, but I love it. I'm also a really big fan of AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL. It's such a ridiculous show, but I love it!"

12/03/2005 02:56