Christina Ricci has blamed her fluctuating weight on holding her back in Hollywood. The 26-year-old has battled anorexia but still insists she would have been a huge star had her early movie roles seen her sporting a skinnier frame. She tells PREMIERE magazine, "I don't worry about it anymore. I've been around long enough that people know what the f**k I look like. "My agent will pull up a picture of me blond, fat, thin, whatever. "I know that had I been thinner at the time my indie movies were hitting, I could've been in a much better position in my career." THE OPPOSITE OF SEX star claims she has given up trying to find success in big budget movies and still has to work hard to land roles. She adds, "I have to say I still audition for movies. I don't really have as much control over my career as others would like to pretend that I do."