Christina Ricci is still bitter about the way her 2007 film BLACK SNAKE MOAN was marketed - because she felt movie posters and trailers exploited women.
The actress played a troubled wildgirl who is taken in by Samuel L. Jackson's eccentric bluesman character and chained to his radiator in an attempt to rid her of her demons.
She admits she loved making the film and had high hopes for it until she saw the marketing campaign, which included a poster featuring a scantily-clad Ricci at the end of a chain held by Jackson's character, Lazarus.
She fumes, "The way that movie was marketed was probably one of the most disappointing and upsetting things that's ever happened to me in my career.
"I have no interest in exploiting women any further than they've already been exploited.
"The whole reason I made that movie was to say, 'Oh yeah, that girl you called a slut probably went through this, so you might not want to use her and throw her away or judge her.
"All they (marketing bosses) cared about was college-age boys going to see it."