Christina Ricci was so determined to prove she could play a promiscuous sexual abuse victim, she sent the film's director explicit photos of herself. The MONSTER actress was intent on landing a role in writer/director Craig Brewer's film BLACK SNAKE MOAN and decided to take a risk by sending him risque snaps. Ricci says she fought hard for the role and had a good audition, but film-makers were unsure if she could tap into the character's carnal desires. She explains, "My agent started inundating Craig Brewer with photo shoots I had done that are pure sex shots!" The 26-year-old star spent most of the film half-naked chained to a radiator and says she remained half-clad between takes to channel her character RAE's shame. Ricci claims she used pop stars Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson as her role models while playing the sexually explicit character. She adds, "She has Britney Spear's hair and Jessica Simpson's inappropriate wardrobe. "This is just a microcosmic example of the over-sexualisation of young girls and children. Even though she's not really a child, she looks like one."