Actress Christina Ricci was on the verge of quitting her acting career before landing the lead role in new movie BLACK SNAKE MOAN. The 27-year-old was ready to leave her career behind if she couldn't score a part that was perfect for her. And Ricci believes director Craig Brewer and producer John Singleton initially thought she was too unconventional to play the role of a backwoods survivor of sexual abuse. She explains, "I told my therapist, if I didn't get the part I was going to quit. "What I meant was that it so seemed like what I should be doing that. If I didn't get it, I would have no idea of what it was that people wanted me to be doing in this industry and what I was supposed to be doing." The MONSTER star managed to convince filmmakers to let her audition after dying her hair dirty blond and sending them sexy photos of herself. Ricci then won them over with her emotional audition adding, "Nobody can freak out quite like me!"