LATEST: Actress Christina Ricci has pledged never to wear fur again after being deluged with angry letters from fans. The movie star was named People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals' (PETA) Worst Dressed Celebrity of 2006 after she appeared in fur on the cover of W magazine, and now she's desperate to make amends. In a letter to the animal rights organisation, THE ADDAMS FAMILY star insists she'll be fur-free in 2007. She writes, "After being named on the PETA worst dressed list for wearing fur on the cover of W magazine, I have been deluged with angry and disappointed fans. "I never meant to hurt nor anger anyone with my insensitivity. For what it is worth I have received the message loud and clear and will not be wearing fur in the future. I apologise for my offensive actions." A website devoted to Ricci was recently shut down when the owner spotted the star posing in reindeer fur on the cover of the fashion magazine. A representative for PETA says Ricci's name has been removed from the Worst Dressed list. In addition, the animal rights group is also sending her a Christmas basket full of "cruelty-free goodies to thank her for her compassionate decision".