Christina Ricci says she wants to move away from playing shy and retiring characters because her own personality is far different. Ricci has had enormous success at playing timid and reserved roles, but she insists that in real life she is the opposites of characters she portrays on screen.
The former child star told the Associated Press, "While on film I can be very quiet and be this one kind of intensity; in real life I tend to be very big". The 30-year-old actress recently made her Broadway debut in the play 'Time Stands Still', to much acclaim from critics and audiences. She will continue her role in the stage-play until January 2011, performing in eight-shows a week, and Ricci says being part of the production is helping her bring more intensity to her acting, saying, "I'm always the loudest one. I'm always the one in the make-up trailer who's making a fool of themselves ... or getting in trouble for this or that or the other. So I was like, 'I'd like to bring some of that more into my acting.' And just as I was starting to do that, the play came along".
Ricci is also set to star in a number of forthcoming movies, most notably the comedy 'Born To Be A Star' featuring Adam Sandler which is due for release in 2011, and the French film 'Bel Ami', which stars Robert Pattinson and will also hit cinemas in 2011.