Christina Perri, the 24-year-old American singer songwriter who rose to fame after making a video of herself singing in her bedroom, performed live on the CONAN O BRIEN show last night (7th December 2010) to an audience of millions, reports Perri travelled to Los Angeles on her 21st birthday in search of a record deal, however, she became signed after a friend passed on a YouTube video to a manager.
Several weeks later, another friend passed on a copy of Perri's song 'Jar of Hearts' to a choreographer on a reality television show, and the track became an instant hit when the 24-year-old performing it on 'So You Think You Can Dance' in June 2010. Despite the song selling more than 400,000 digital copies, Perri had little else in her back catalogue and therefore a short EP entitled 'The Ocean Way Sessions' was initially released. However, the anticipation for her debut full-length record is seemingly growing by the day, and she performed 'Jar of Hearts' on the Conan show last night, sparking a flurry of activity on Twitter.
Also joining Conan on the show was the actor and comedian Rainn Wilson, as well as the skydiver ROBERTA MANCINO, who was recently voted the sexiest woman in sport.