Pop star Christina Milian called her 2004 US debut album IT'S ABOUT TIME because it was originally slated for release in September, 2001.

Record executives shelved the album, then titled simply CHRISTINA MILIAN, after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and that gave her the incentive to rework the whole CD.

She says, "My first album was supposed to come out in 2001, two weeks after September 11. But then September 11 happened, and we were like, 'You know, it's not the right time.'

"After that, we went and recorded some more songs, just because music was changing. It went from that poppy 'N Sync, BRITNEY SPEARS stuff to straight-up rock or hip-hop or tribute songs, and I wasn't doing any of that.

"So, I went overseas for a year and a half and toured instead. When I came back, I started working on the new album and decided not to put the old one out in the States.

"It's called IT'S ABOUT TIME because it took so damn long."

06/03/2005 10:38