Pop star/actress Christina Milian has publicly forgiven ex-boyfriend Nick Cannon for cheating on her - and insists she couldn't be happier for him now he's married to Mariah Carey.
Cannon broke the Dip It Low singer's heart and she spent months dragging him down in magazine articles, but she admits she's grown up since and now understands she was too young for such a serious romance.
Milian tells the new issue of King magazine, "We were both young, and as a young guy, he surrounded himself with women... It's part of a boy's temptation, especially at that age, so I understand. I'm definitely over it now, and I'm happy for him."
Milian, who is now dating producer Dre of Cool and Dre, is one of the few who thinks Carey and Cannon's romance will stand the test of time, despite the fact that, at 39, Carey is 11 years older than her husband.
The singer/actress states, "I think because of the age difference, it's going to work out for them, because she seems really happy and he brings a youthful energy. He's a good person to be around."
And the heartbreak of her well-publicised split from Cannon hasn't wrecked Milian's marriage and children dreams: "I want to have kids some day but not too soon. I'm not ready for marriage."