R+B sensation Christina Milian is delighted she got the chance to team up with John Travolta in a new movie - because she idolised the actor as a youngster.

The DIP IT LOW singer recently filmed BE COOL - the long awaited follow up to 1995's GET SHORTY - which turned out to be a dream experience for her, because she never expected to work with her hero Travolta.

Milian gushes, "Ever since I saw him in GREASE, I thought he was hot, so it was like something out of a dream when I actually got to star in a film with him.

"All my scenes were with him, too, and in one scene I'm meant to be acting all nervous and he comes and kisses me on the forehead.

"I never thought I'd meet him, let alone work with him, and the nice thing is that he's so humble and sweet."

22/08/2004 10:38