Singer Christina Milian suffered an unusual travel delay on Thursday (23Aug12) after the pilot of her Los Angeles-bound flight failed to show up for work.
The Dip It Low hitmaker boarded a plane from Miami, Florida ready to return home, but was left stunned when she was told the flight had been unexpectedly delayed thanks to the absent pilot.
In a series of posts on, she wrote, "So um.. We've boarded our flight..door is bout to close and the flight attendant decides to announce that we don't have a pilot.. So uh..... Guess we'll just sit here..and see who decides they wanna fly this big thing.."
She then added, "And now.. They kick us all off the plane... Thanks a lot CaptainNoShow... waiting for the airline to find a Pilot to fly our plane.."
Milian later updated fans about her nightmare journey, revealing she was "back on" a plane and finally heading to L.A. after a replacement pilot was found to take charge of the aircraft.