Christina Hendricks never wears flat shoes.

The 'Mad Men' actress - who is famed for her curvaceous figure - revealed she is a huge fan of high heels and if she is not wearing them she usually goes barefoot.

She said: "I'm either barefoot or in high heels. I've fallen madly in love with some Charlotte Olympia heels- they've got a big bow on them. If I find a pair that's comfy and high, then I pick them up."

Christina is not just passionate about shoes, she has very specific tastes when it comes to clothes and prefers to wear eclectic items that show off her waist where possible.

She explained to Britain's InStyle magazine: "My day-to-day style is very feminine and eclectic. I like to mix vintage with new or tough with sweet. My 'Mad men' character Joan is a lot more streamlined than I am, I like a little bit more romance in my clothes.

"I know from the show that it's good to show off my waist. It's a nice quality I have. I'm drawn to things with a nice waistline, but if something doesn't have one, then I tailor it so it does."