In an explosive episode of Mad Men on Sunday evening (May 27, 2012), Don Draper and Sterling Cooper stepped up their efforts to land the coveted Jaguar account, though things moved in an altogether sleazier direction. Accounts man Peter Campbell suggested that Joan (played by Christina Hendricks) should sleep with a Jaguar dealer in order to clinch the deal.
In reward for her 'services', Campbell offers Joan a lucrative 5 per cent partnership in Sterling Cooper. She reluctantly takes the offer, and the company landed the contract, though the Joan clearly had misgivings about her behavior. The thrilling episode also saw copywriter Peggy (Elisabeth Moss) saying goodbye to the agency after handing in her notice. Her decision was made after Don threw a handful of bills at her after it emerged that she had tweaked a major client's contract without consulting him first. In their review of the episode, TV touched upon the sleaziness of a once creative and brilliant agency, saying, "Ultimately, it's all about the greed. All anyone cares about is the money. They are willing to sell their morals, souls, pride, and even their bodies in order to get the business".
There are just two episodes left in the fifth season of 'Mad Men', which has received stellar reviews from critics so far.