The Mad Men star is currently shooting forthcoming British drama series Tin Star with Tim Roth in Alberta, and she is planning to race back to New York City first thing on Thursday (24Nov16) to make it in time for her family's feast.

"I'm gonna be doing an all night shoot right up until about nine in the morning," she shared. "I'm gonna jump on a plane, go straight to Queens to my in-laws' house and my brother's gonna be there, and we'll all share Thanksgiving."

However, the 41-year-old, who is married to fellow actor Geoffrey Arend, fears she will be falling asleep pretty quickly after digging in to the big meal.

"I'll have been up all night, so the turkey's gonna put me straight to sleep!" she laughed.

At least Christina won't have to worry about traffic as she races to and from the airport: "No one in Canada's celebrating Thanksgiving so there won't be any of that holiday travel (rush)!," she added.

Canadians celebrated their Thanksgiving holiday on 10 October (16).