Christina Hendricks' friends always know when she's around because they smell her perfume.

The 'Mad Men' actress explained she doesn't wear a lot of scent, but her close pals still smell her before they see her because of her distinctive perfume Premier Figuier by L'Artisan Parfumeur

She told "My friends are always like, 'Oh yeah, we knew you were coming,' Not that I wear that much of it!"

The 36-year-old flame-haired beauty revealed she goes to The Hair salon "every six weeks" to ensure her naturally blonde locks don't show.

She added: "I have always felt sassier as a redhead. I don't even know what my real hair would look like at this point."

The actress - who plays Joan Holloway in the US TV series - also admitted she takes some style tips from her alter-ego, including sporting pencil skirts.

She said: "Wear pencil skirts. I have a fantastic black fishtail one from Banana Republic that I've been wearing for years.

However, Christina - who helped Dame Vivienne Westwood launch her flagship store in Los Angeles earlier this year - admitted to splashing out on "a truly beautiful dress, because even if it's expensive, it's a whole outfit" from time to time.