Christina Hendricks is a make-up master.

The 'Mad Men' beauty has revealed she is rather ''nifty'' with her make-up application, admitting to being able to apply her face without the aid of a mirror.

She said: ''I'm nifty with a red lippy. If I had to, I could apply my make-up without a mirror - though I might end up looking like a Picasso!

''I mean, my liquid eyeliner might look a little crazy, but everything else I think I could do pretty well.''

The 40-year-old beauty's make-up routine has also been altered by her new coloured locks.

She told Britain's Health & Beauty magazine: ''Being blonde again has taken me back to my childhood. It flatters my skin, too, so it's made me feel younger.

''And I've got a renewed spring in my step because it's forced me to try new make-up. I look and feel so different.''

Meanwhile, Christina previously admitted she cried when she realised she was pretty whilst entering a modelling contest at 19-years-old.

She said: ''When I got the pictures back, my mum and I started crying, because I had no idea I could be pretty. It changed my perspective of myself.''