Christina Applegate has showed off her new-born baby daughter Sadie Grace in the latest issue of People Magazine.
CHRISTINA APPLEGATE, the American actress and star of 'Anchorman', has showed off her new baby daughter Sadie Grace for the first time.39-year-old Applegate welcomed the new arrival on 27th January 2011 and says she was overwhelmed by her feelings of acceptance and love, telling People Magazine in the accompanying interview, "I felt my heart literally open up for the first time and like wrap itself around her. It was profound", she added, "And I'm more in love with her every minute of the day". Appearing on the cover of this week's People Magazine, Applegate is photographed with Sadie Grace in the Los Angeles house that she shares with fiance MARTYN LENOBLE. The actress who is set to star alongside Owen Wilson in the comedy movie 'Hall Pass', says Sadie Grace has 'opened her soul', adding, "Yeah, now I'm Mom. She's healed me in so many ways," says the actress. "She's just made my life so much better. She's opened my whole soul".
Applegate became engaged to musician LeNoble on Valentines Day 2010. She was previously married to the American actor and writer Johnathon Schaech but the couple divorced in 2007.