Pregnant actress Christina Applegate is craving avocados and other "weird" foods.

The 'Samantha Who?' actress has been hungry for obscure treats at unconventional hours since she discovered she is expecting her first child with her musician fiance Martyn Lenoble.

She told ETonline: "Am I getting cravings? Everything, I'm craving everything. Besides avocados, just weird things at weird hours. Food. Food's a craving!"

The 38-year-old star wouldn't reveal the sex of her unborn child, or announce how far into the pregnancy she is, but confirmed everything is going well.

She said: "That is for me to know - I'm somewhere between zero and nine months. How's that? Does that answer questions?

"I feel OK... I feel great."

Christina is also adamant she will continue to wear high heels as her bump expands - because the added height balances out her growing tummy.

She quipped: "I have to always wear heels, because as we grow out width ways, we need to grow up this way. They offset the impending growth of width!"