Christina Applegate doesn't care about being a successful actress.

The 'Anchorman' actress - who battled breast cancer in 2008 - says her priorities have changed and her career is no longer her main focus.

She said: "The things I pray for are a lot different than they used to be. I pray that I'll find joy and happiness in whatever comes my way rather than being totally focused on getting the thing that will advance my career. It's not that I'm less ambitious, it's just that I used to feel that if my life wasn't a certain way I wasn't going to be happy. Then I shifted gears in my consciousness. I really accept the fact that my life is blessed and that it doesn't matter if I'm successful in this business or something else."

One thing which is important to the 38-year-old actress now is campaigning to change the screening age for breast cancer.

She raged: "I think that is the most atrocious thing that I've ever heard. I was 36 years old when I had breast cancer, and you're going to have people wait until like their 50 to get screened? It irks my whole body. I'm telling you it's not going to happen. We women will fight against that as much as we can."