THE SWEETEST THING star Christina Applegate was delighted when actor ROBERT Blake fired his first attorney - because it meant she didn't have to become "the sideshow" at the trial.

The actress was called up for jury duty on the Blake murder trial and, despite pleading with the authorities that she couldn't give up a possible six months to sit on the case, she found herself among the pool of possibles.

She says, "I filled out my hardship paperwork and handed it in. And out of all those people, I was one of 30 or so who had to explain myself to the judge, who said, 'That's no excuse. You're coming back.'

"She kept cutting me off and putting me in tears. I think she was p**sed off because I'm a celebrity.

"Anyway, a week later Blake fired his lawyers, and everyone in that jury pool was dismissed. If he hadn't I guess I'd be sitting on a jury for six months."

22/06/2004 02:17